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Vanessa Fry:
Director of Equitable Relations and Fund Development

Vanessa Fry (she/they) is a white, queer human working as a Senior Health Equity Consultant in the Center for Health Equity Practice (CHEP) at the Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI). Primarily, they co-facilitate dialogue and learning around dismantling racism & other forms of oppressions and striving towards health equity. They are committed to justice and liberation for all, with a specific focus on understanding whiteness and LGBTQ+ experiences. Prior to their current role, Vanessa’s work was in the maternal child health space, focusing on improving child mortality rates. Vanessa earned their BA in sociology and psychology, as well as an MPH from Michigan State University. In their free time, you can usually find them reading a book (or three), spending lots of time thinking about and eating food, dancing around the house with their spouse, or snuggling with their dogs Ryleigh, Dani, and Rose!

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