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Detroit CHEMpreneurIST is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization that collaborates closely with local schools, educators, and community groups to offer unique workshops that blend personal care chemistry with entrepreneurial education. Our programs, designed to align with Michigan's ELA and Science standards, integrate a comprehensive STEEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art, and Math) approach. This initiative not only equips students with the skills to pursue their interests but also aims to enrich the STEEAM fields with diverse perspectives. By paving a way for minority-owned businesses, Detroit CHEMpreneurIST plays a pivotal role in strengthening our local economy and fostering innovation.

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In our Personal Care Chemistry workshops, students embark on a creative journey to innovate and craft their own cosmetic products. Through a hands-on learning process, they'll develop hypotheses, experiment with different formulations, observe outcomes, and refine their creations based on their findings. This engaging approach encourages students to think critically and apply scientific methods to develop their unique cosmetic products.

Our Entrepreneurship workshops guide students through the exciting journey of launching a business, focusing on introducing innovative or enhanced products to the market. Participants will delve into their unique talents, uncovering how these can fuel a lasting business venture. Additionally, they'll broaden their 'toolkit' of skills and knowledge, setting a strong foundation to realize their personal aspirations.

Our Partners

HE CLASPED HANDS SYMBOL Represents the guiding hands that Boys & Girls Clubs extend to youth
Central Detroit Christian Community Development Logo
Michigan Science Center. A world that STEM in a creative and dynamic learning environment
Wayne Metro Logo community action agency
The logo for the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan features the organization's name in black text, with a green trefoil sy
Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network logo. afety net organization that provides a full array of services and supports
Detroit Public Schools logo. Sunrise representing students uplifted
HBICHQ log. Pink crown symbolizing leadership and black female empowerment
cloztalk Logo
Wayne State Social Work logo
Logo of BFD Inc. featuring a brown house silhouette with a golden ribbon banner above that reads "Since 1978
Durfee Innovation Society Logo
Life Remodeled Logo
The missing piece logo. Entrepreneurship partner
VR Life logo. Pink VR Headset representing technology and fun
Rocket Companies logo, featuring the word "ROCKET" in bold black letters with a red circular icon
Green living science logo.  Detroit with a robust circular economy and citizens who are mindful about our environment
Build Institute. Green symbolizing business development in Detroit
Northwest Detroit Farmer's Market logo
Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation logo. Green house reps community engagement
The Children's Center logo with a large, stylized letter "C" in blue and yellow.
CNS-Healthcare-Logo- advocacy and education for mental healthcare
A logo with a blue cross combined with a green sprouting leaf design. Below the logo, the text reads "Greater Woodward"
Logo for Share Detroit featuring a colorful abstract circular pattern above the word “share” in lowercase, stylized purple fo
City of Detroit Parks and Recreation logo
Logo features two hands holding stylized figures of a family in a green and orange circle on the left. Nonprofit cooperative
Donor Box Logo with red heart
A multicolored, tree-like design set against a black background with the words "The Great Divine Center" in bold, yellow text
Illustration of a woman with a gold crown, draped in gold accessories, with one hand partially covering her face. Decorative
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