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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Working in partnership with local schools, teachers, and community organizations, we provide personal care chemistry and entrepreneurship lessons through a series of workshops.  These lessons are aligned with Michigan ELA and Science standards, and incorporate different STEEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Art, and Math) disciplines. 

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST gives students the tools they need to prepare and explore their passions while also diversifying the STEEAM field to create a pathway for minority owned small businesses to boost our local economy. 

Personal care chemistry lessons will focus on the developing and formulating personal care and cosmetic products. Students will have a chance to experiment with product ideas while creating unique formulations. 

Entrepreneurship lessons will focus on the process of starting and developing a company, with the aim to deliver something new or improved to the market.  Students will explore their own skill sets to help motivate a sustainable business or expand their "toolkit" to achieve their personal goals. 

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST Highlights

Creative learning opportunities in progress!

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