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About Our Program

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST exposes students through afterschool and summer programming to personal care chemistry and entrepreneurship. Our workshops teach students how to link different learned life skills to future opportunities and careers in STEEAM fields.


Mission & Vision


Our program offers students from all backgrounds an opportunity to be empowered, in an inclusive safe space, and excel in STEEAM experiences while collaborating about personal care chemistry and entrepreneurship.


To educate local youth in a holistic program to prepare and explore their passions while also diversifying and increasing the fields of science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, art, and mathematics. Our goal is to create opportunities for rural and urban resident owned small businesses to boost local economy.

Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship,

 Engineering and Math

Detroit CHEMpreneurIST offers monthly sessions for alumni, family, and community members.  We also offer organized tours of local businesses and post secondary institutions. Check out our register page for upcoming events! 

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