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Detroit CHEMpreneurIST is actively looking for participating classrooms, schools, and organizations to host our workshops. We offer dynamic programming to cater to your STEEAM needs. For upcoming events, click on the Register Today link below.  For inquiry and to sign your group up for workshops please click I'm Interested link below or email!.org


From concept to manufacturing, students will have the opportunity to research and explore personal care product ideas. Students will be able to design their own product or customize a formula. They will have the opportunity to hypothesize, experiment, make observations during product development, and learn how to draw conclusions based on outcomes of experiments. 


The field of entrepreneurship has been created by fellow innovative change makers and status quo shakers.  Our lessons explore the creative mind of students to generate ideas and explore the opportunity within our communities.  Lessons can further explore market research, prototyping their products or ideas, generate a business model, and practice pitching their ventures to stakeholders and investors. 

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