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Cass Fry (They/Them)

Elected: Treasurer
Interim: Secretary /  Director of Strategic Partnerships / Director of Fund Development

Cass is a creative chemist with experience developing new products, managing an analytical chemistry lab within a pharmaceutical and cosmetic organization, and being a professional consultant for smaller start up cosmetic organizations and entrepreneurs.


They are a graduate of Wayne State University. Their background in chemistry and regulated industries informs their evidence-based decision making. Cass is fueled by their passion for helping others learn and succeed, and a need for integrity. Their hunger for knowledge and determination to diversify the scientific industry has contributed to their development of “Detroit CHEMpreneurIST”.


When they are not developing new products Cass can be found enjoying such activities as: gardening, kayaking, playing with their dogs Ryleigh, Dani, and Rose or volunteering for various organizations.

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